Gray mini or small white?

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  1. E8D19706-189E-4623-A530-AB335BF5291C.jpeg I can't decide if I should get this upcoming season's gray lamb in the mini size or the white caviar small flap :sad:

    Picture borrowed! It's the small flap in the picture but I'm on the list for the mini
  2. I'd get the gray small. You can use gray in so many situations.
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  3. I vote for gray too.
  4. 6075A97C-6653-4F5F-B3E4-9D5CC89DE4F1.png
  5. Gray gets my vote. White caviar will yellow over time.
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  6. the gray is so pretty! I'm on the list for the mini but the color is so pretty I feel like I might need the small or medium size for it? Haha!
  7. I was wondering about whether or not the white caviar will yellow over time :smile:
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  8. Gray is really pretty. Can’t go wrong with small or medium :love:
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  9. I wish NM ordered the small size too :sad: I'm scrambling looking for a saks SA!
  10. I think the small classic flap and rectangle mini fit very similar amounts (but has a significant price difference). I think there are YouTube videos that compare the two sizes.

    With that said, the gray is beautiful. White (absolutely beautiful, but like others mentioned, will yellow over time?)
  11. I texted my Saks SA about the size small in gray. She may already be off of work. I can follow up with her tomorrow. I’d be happy to forward her info to you if she can put your name down for one. Chanel at her location is going leased on 7/23/2019 though.
  12. Gray mini. It's very very cute. :smile::smile::smile:
  13. That would be so great if you could!! And if it's leased, does that mean I can't purchase over the phone by then?
  14. Yes, I think they hold similar amounts:smile: but I think I might want this shade of grey to have more surface area hahaha!!
  15. I think you can still purchase over the phone. I can confirm with my SA tomorrow :smile:
    I know that leased Chanel won’t participate during points events and MPA
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