gray medium reissue ebay price?

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  1. Hello Chanel experts! I cannot believe that I have dared to venture into this section of tPF! I should just stay in my LV section and think about the financial damage that area has had on my life!!!;)

    But since I'm here, :shame: and I've been looking at all your beautiful Chanel bags, I have a question!

    I've seen grey medium reissues on ebay ranging from $1550 to almost $2500. That seems like quite a varied range. What is a fair price for one in good condition? I understand the grey is no longer available.

  2. Well it depends on the size. The 226 retailed for $1995, the 227 for $2,095. I think they all 5 sizes were about $100 apart.

    I would say that, assuming the bag is in great condition, anything below retail upto retail is a GOOD price for a discontinued bag. If it's never used you may pay a premium.
  3. ^^^That's great advice. It depends on the condition and size. But if it's in great condition to almost new, I would be looking for a price around retail.
  4. I agree! ALso, if you have a NM nearby, you may want to find a favorite Chanel SA, they are still available once in a while. I've seen one almost everytime I've visited the one in Plano, TX.
  5. thank you all so much! unfortunately I don't have any store nearby. The medium is the 226, is that correct? and the large is the 227?
  6. That is correct.
  7. The reissue does not have a great resale value. You should be able to get one for slightly under retail. Gray is the rarest one it seems. I have seen more black for sale. But gray pops up here and there.
  8. All of the above is excellent advice. If I were you, the first thing I'd do is have an SA do a nationwide search for you. I've noticed that people are still returning this bag, every now and then, and so you might just be in luck. Usually the returns are in great shape -- people have just stored the bag in a closet and then suddenly come to the realization that it was expensive and they are unlikely to use it.

    As far as buying from a reseller goes, definitely be very wary. I'd be careful not to pay too much of a premium. I noticed, as stated above, that most of the bags that sell go for something slightly under retail.

    While I haven't yet seen a fake one for sale on ebay, I'd still be very careful re: authenticity issues, as well.
  9. Wow!!! This is very good advice. Thanks.:yes:

  10. Thank you all so much for your wonderful advice. I just posted two ebay auctions for grey reiusses in the large 227 size. I would be grateful if y'all would take a peek and let me what you think in the "authenticate this chanel" thread!
  11. I looked at the auctions and the bags look really good. Im not familiar with the sellers at all though. Bags look to be real and prices more than fair. Good luck, keep us posted.
  12. Ok, everyone, just want to thank you again for your advice and help. I just bought a BNWT 227 large grey reissue from an ebay seller for $1600. I can't wait to get it! This is my first Chanel! :wlae: I have wanted one for practically my entire adult life, going back at least since early college days (which for me was close to 20 years ago!) And I adore the gray -- I think it will almost as versatile as black, but just a little more unique. Thanks! :love:
  13. Congrats!!!! you will love the reissue. Please dont forget to post pics!!!