gray jeans

  1. what do you guys think of gray jeans? i'm thinking of buying a pair of gray J brand skinnies but i'm not sure how they would look and match with most clothing.
  2. I love grey jeans :yes: I was also unsure about how much wear I would get out of them since they don't go with everything, so I bought a cheap pair at Urban Outfitters but I have actually ended up wearing them a lot. I think they look best with black, white, navy and red. The grey J Brand skinnies are really cute - go for it!
  3. i used to wear them all the time last year. i'd still wear them but i've gotten too comfortable in leggings and mini dresses, i have to do something about that.. i was actually about to get a new pair recently :lol:
  4. i want one.
  5. i have jbrand and sfam roxy gray jeans. i love them both! they go with a lot of things and are a good alternative to blue jeans.
  6. Love gray jeans, just keep in mind they make you look a bit bigger.
    They match with pretty much everything, black, red, white, deep blue, pink, etc...
  7. I got a cheap pair of gray jeans and I still haven't worn them out. It depends on your body type. Grey jeans are for people who are very slender. If you have thighs, grey jeans are not the most flattering. The only thing I could imagine wearing with mine is loose tunics.
  8. that's definitely a good thing to know because i DEFINITELY have thighs!
  9. I loooove my gray jeans. I wear them a lot with purple or black. It's a nice change-up from the usual denim blue that you see all around.

    I didn't know that about gray jeans and thighs. If you're nervous about your thighs, try wearing a casual dress on top or long belted tunic.
  10. love them, but i agree, they look best on slender legs. i was going to buy a pair, but haven't found the perfect shade of gray. i have thighs too..but i still wear skinnies. pair them with looser fitting tops to balance!
  11. I really like grey... I have a pair of straight leg ones from AG that make me look long and lean (which I'm not), so cut matters a lot, especially with a light color that can highlight certain... areas haha :smile:

  12. Grey jeans are sooo sleek. I saw a pair of baby phats at Macy's in NY that I really wanted. They were straight leg and they just gave a really nice night out look.
  13. i have a pair of grey skinny jeans and usually i wear them with white.. or black..
  14. I wear mine with everything. They're not light gray, though, somewhere between medium and charcoal, I especially like them with lavender-pink, but then I like how all my jeans look with lavender-pink. ;)
  15. i have a pair of habituals. i love them. something a bit different from the normal denim.