Gray Inclusion pieces showing up on!

  1. I just noticed the new gray Inclusion pieces are showing up. They have both both PM and GM bracelets, ring, hair cubes, Speedy keyring, and barettes! Wow! They are so pretty and different from the other Inclusions. They have silver LVs and fleurs instead of gold and little pearls instead of Swarovski crystals! Gorgeous! :heart:
  2. Lovin' that new gray color!!! Thanks for the update. :tup:
  3. You might want to close this thread, John, because Peace43 posted the same thing in the Reference Library at EXACT same time as I did.
  4. ooh i like the color! :drool::love: so much for completing my Inclusion collection :graucho:
  5. i know, I thought no more now this
  6. I definately have to have that! It's GORGEOUS! LOVe the pearls!
  7. I love them!
  8. Super-glad I'm not a fan! :yahoo:
  9. I'm getting the GM ASAP.
  10. Are these available now? Or when is the release date!?! THANKS in advance!
  11. Omg, I loves it!! I didn't realise it was pearl pieces, thought it was going to be crystal like the other Inclusion pieces. Ahhh, I'm so in love :love:

    Lol, I always wear white gold/silver jewelery so these would match perfectly.
    I'm going to the store on sunday will they be sold then?
  13. Very nice:love:
  14. I LOVE IT!! thanks for the update ;)
  15. I am so conflicted now. I was going to just get the ring to match my Pomme GM and call it quits on the Inclusions for the time being, but now I want Gray GM. I have also been buying more gold jewelry than silver lately, so I am not sure I should buy something with silver LVs in it. Then again, I think the gray Inclusion with silver LVs inside would look totally hot with some my Pianegonda silver pieces... GAH! Curse you Louis Vuitton for making me want more!