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  1. Could you help me with the color spectrum of Prada gray variations?

    From lightest (left) to darkest (right) this roughly accurate?

    Stone/Pumice --> 'light gray' --> argilla --> bambu (darker beigy gray)

    Am I missing any? Is there a big change from one to the next?

    For example, I saw bag #2 from my previous post in Argilla at NM, but online they only have Stone. Saks also has it in stone. Prada stores have the bag in Pomice.

    What is the difference?

    Thank you!
  2. PP where are you oh Prada Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have no clue what color is which lol....someone will be along to help you I'm sure!!!!
  3. Stone = lighter gray
    Argilla = darker gray
    Bambu = taupe gray
  4. ^ I called that lol....
  5. ^:biggrin: I love Prada section of this forum! Don't forget there's another gray color from Prada called Cenere....
  6. Prada Psycho i am so impressed with your knowledge. you should be called Dr PP as you seem to have a Phd in prada