Gray Edith turning a darker funky color

  1. I treated my gray Edith w/apple guard when I 1st got it. I have used it about 10 to 15 times now and it has turned into a darker taupe like color now:sad: :yucky: :rant: I would not even call it a "gray" at all anymore. Not to sure what happenend to it????

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    When I open the front pocket I can see how it use to be a lighter and pretty gray:love: . I do not like at all the color it turned into. What to do?
  2. That does not sound good! I am so sorry! Can you post pics?
  3. Maybe it didn't like the AppleGuard if it is its original color inside the pocket?

    BIG Bummer! I am sorry.
  4. That is what I was thinking too. That the appleguard over time darkend it. :yucky: :rant: I'm going to see if maybe it can get cleaned, I doubt it but I guess I can bring it to a leather man and see.

    I gave the bag to my Mom, but when I go home this weekend I'll take some pics of the bag and then how it is the pretty gray on the inside pocket.
  5. I always ask Nordstrom's who they recommend. A professional cleaning sure might take care of it.

    Can you post a picture with the pocket open to compare?
  6. Thank you I will call and will post pics. I just gave the bag to my Mom yesterday because I was so pissed about the bag.
  7. hc, that is terrible! I have never heard of Appleguard changing the color so long after it is applied! Perhaps the weather in your area oxidated the leather to a taupe color? I live in Miami so when I appleguard my leather the humidity, over time, darkens the leather. That is why I never appleguard my leather anymore. My SA says that oftentimes designer bags already come "protected".
  8. I won't use Appleguard anymore either. It ruined one of my Balenciaga bags. It definitely gave it a hazy, ugly appearance.....even my mom and friends noticed the difference. It's like you needed to buff it.
  9. OMG! THat is awful! Which one did it do that to? :cry: I totally feel for you!
  10. Sorry for the double post.
  11. I was just going to order Apple Garde for my Camel colored MJ I'm afraid.

    I hope you can fix your Edith.
  12. gosh, that sucks!
    hope your edith will become fresh and clean again!!!!:biggrin:
  13. Does the appleguard have "silicone" in it? My leather SA told me that's what makes leathers appearance change and darken over time. He sold me a protective product that didn't have any silicone in it.
  14. I think I posted this before, so forgive me if I sound repetitive, but I don't believe in using leather/suede protectants on fine leather and suede. As, at best, it can lull you into a false sense of security and at worst, it can affect the finish of the leather.

    I also find that it masks the beautiful leather smell with a harsh chemical fragrance. :yucky:
  15. what about on white colored leather? like a balenciaga white, since there's nothing to fade?