Gray Day/Hobo

  1. Ronda ty for posting this! I wasn't sure if it is ok to say I'm a member of the PF since I'm new. ?

    I took a zoom close up of the ink mark which really amplified it and hadn't checked the photos. Just took a photo which captures the ink mark exactly as it is in good light which will come up if you refresh the auction.

    I will miss this one but my heart is pounding for a City as I have two Day's. I'm hooked. :shame:
  2. It's a lovely bag. I love Balenciaga's grays. I just bought a gray shrug myself. Good luck on your sale and welcome to tPF family.
  3. oh gosh that is so pretty! GL with your sale! i see you have a bid already...jealous of whoever gets such a beauty for a steal!