Gray coverage advice needed

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  1. I have medium to dark brown hair with natural gold and red highlights in the sunlight; currently cut into an inverted lob. For about 13 years I have had the occasional gray that I treated by cutting it close to the scalp. In the last year I have noticed more fine silver hairs shimmering through from under layers and, to my horror, when I pulled my hair back on vacation this summer, both temples had patches of thick coarse white hairs that are usually hidden when my hair is down but were upsetting when heat forced me to wear my hair up.

    i had a plan to try coloring the temples at home, just the white hairs, but sensing a disaster, I talked to my stylist first. She recommended subtle highlights to mask them. We went with a caramel partial. I liked them in the salon, but no one noticed. Not even a generic “did you do something to your hair”. If I mention them people claim they can then see them and add that they seem so natural which is, according to them, what you want. The problem is, I still see the silver and white Either because the warm tones of the highlights contrast them too much to mask or she managed to miss the worst parts with the foils. What should I do next?

    Stylist and I agree whole head dye isn’t necessary at all. I don’t want ashy highlights like a former boss had that made her look grayer and fear they might be the only real way to mask the gray. Do I have her do brighter caramel highlights? Try spot coloring the offending areas?