Gray City BIN 599

  1. Seller only ships to Paypal confirmed address and within USA only. Sorry, In'tl buyers.
  2. Oh I really want this is there anybody who would be willing to be a shippingpartner and ship my "gift" to France!!!

  3. Damn my Canadianness.. damn damn !
  4. Damn.
    I would have been happy to, but it looks like someone already put a big in :sad:
  5. Wow.
    That seller is on a purse unloading frenzy, from the looks of all her auctions!
  6. OMG- you mean the BIN was $599. and someone put a bid in! Why???:shrugs: $599. was such a great price!
  7. grrr i hate when they won't ship internationally :hysteric: i was looking all over ebay for one of these yesterday! i saw one on a girl here a few days ago and decided that i *must* have one :nuts:
  8. If there's any way I can help let me know- I'm in US~ we'll I guess I can't help I no longer have Paypal!
  9. aww that's so sweet! i used to use this really great mail forwarding service but they've closed down now and all the other ones seem so be at least twice the price for some reason. grrrr.. well it really saves me money because i used to buy waaaayyy too much random stuff but it's still annoying.
  10. That's what I was trying to figure out...jeez!! :wacko:

    What color/season is this anyway?
  11. I think this is really weird why would somebody do such a thing. I meen apart from those "funbidders".

    Anyway good for me. If ever this one would have been rouge theater or grenat I would have been really....ggrrh!
  12. why did someone bid???!
  13. Holy cow. I totally would have BIN if I'd seen it in time.
  14. Whoever bid on that was foolish! I collect vintage watches and I've seen it a zillion times. The BIN is $300 and someone does an opening bid of $250. Then the watch sells for $500. And, of course, the first bidder isn't the winner. Maybe I'm just irritated because I would have totally done a BIN. Grrrr.