Gray Blake Pics!

  1. Finally was able to take some pics of my new beloved Gray Blake! Also some of my Periwinkle Blue Zip Clutch. The first pic I took with my phone, the rest with a camera. I bought the zip clutch from a v.reputable seller on eBay who said the color was called periwinkle, though it was darker than I expected. The pics below make it look even darker, it's brighter and lighter than that in actuality. Let me know if there are any other angles any of you would like to see. :flowers:

  2. Your new Blake is soooo pretty!! :love: I love that it has such lavender tones. It looks amazing on you. Congrats!!
  3. Beautiful!! The bag and the ZC are gorgeous. Love the colors.
  4. Aaah, what a gorgeous bag! I LOVE blakes, and your color/hw combo is really, really pretty!
  5. Wow! They are gorgeous!! :drool:
  6. Beautiful family!!
  7. Enjoy your new Blake and ZC! Your blake looks amazing, and periwinkle is one of of my favorite colors .. I would love to have it in a ZC! Congratulations!
  8. Wow, congrats! I really love the blake.
  9. That is one awesome bag! Congrats!
  10. the gray blake and periwinkle zc look perfect together! great choice!
  11. so pretty! congrats :smile:
  12. They're both gorgeous!!!! Enjoy ;)
  13. the grey blake is so pretty!! I saw it in the store, and it had some purple-ish tone to it. My two favorite colors!
  14. Thanks everyone! Sorry about the outfit, I was lazy and sleepy, so I didn't feel like changing out of my comfy clothes. :p This has definitely whet my appetite formore, more, more marc jacobs!
  15. This is gorgeous! You wear her well! Congrats to you:love: