Gray Betty

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  1. Does anybody have one? I'm not sure about this color, I've never seen it IRL. It's now $900 (I know...still more than Nordies) at BG and I'm kinda interested. I was really hoping it was the white that's on sale but anyway, is the gray anywhere close in color to the paddy mousse??

  2. I just recently received a grey betty from Saks in las vegas. I saw it while shopping and the SA held it for me until Saks had another price decrease. It is a light grey-much lighter than the mousse color. I love it-it's huge and I've used it as both a purse and a carry-on. I just took a couple of pics in different light-hope this helps!
    purses 090.jpg purses 091.jpg
  3. bob ellis shoes might have a large gray betty left for 695. it was still there over the weekend. you can get their number from their site. - ask for Bill.
  4. Thanks, PGN! That was very helpful. I like that color. Not dark but not too light either.

    mllemilly, I just called and they're all gone! They only have a large brown Betty but it's from Fall season. :sad:
  5. i just posted on another thread but Bergdorfs has them for approx $550 as of this afternoon!
  6. Do you know how much the brown one is?
  7. I love hte brown betty! It is such a great bag! I am really trying hard to resist calling bergdorfs right now!
  8. oh i'm sorry for the confusion...bergdorfs has the grey...but they did have the tote style in the brown and also a peach color if anyone is interested, plus one or maybe two patent blacks...
  9. That is good- I do not need to be buying anything right now! There are just too many gorgeous bags coming out this fall- I am screwed!
  10. I saw one on the Neiman Marcus website!
  11. Is there any hope of me finding this bag still on sale anywhere?
  12. I think BG is still onsale for $900?
  13. you might want to try to call bergdorfs as well...i think they were sold out but maybe there was a return...?
  14. Thanks ladies. I'll call tomorrow :love:
  15. They have the grey on Bergdorf right now but it went back up a little to $1260......I thought I saw it for $900 the other day, still the original price is $1800.....anyway, I ordered their last Ivory one last Friday, just got it 10 minutes ago and I do love it! I was a little hesitant to order, I'm pretty much a Louis girl (throw in a balenciaga, gucci, chanel, MJ now and then) but now that Louis keeps going up in price every bag I like is in the $1,000 range so I thought it was time to try something different since I would spend this much on a Louis now..... I think chloe is a great design house. That said though, it's such a different deal than Louis, every Louis I get is always absolutely perfect, as I'm looking over this bag I see little tiny imperfections, a couple little black dots on the leather (I'm very particular though) I mean the stitching is perfect and it's beautiful craftmanship but just different, kind of like my balenciaga.......good luck, it is a great bag and not quite the IT bag which I actually like, we don't all need to look the same......