gray 30cm birkin with PHW

  1. anyone have one? the color seems like it might border on flat..........thoughts? i am going to try to put in a request for a light color but not white. suggestions? i need a neutral but dont want black
  2. etoupe might be the one for you or perhaps gris tourtourelle which is very light, here's a pic comparing the colours (not in the same leather though) I wish I had it in a Birkin to show you, lol:


    etoupevsgt.jpg etoupevsgt2.jpg
  3. actually i have a bolide in etoupe (i keep forgetting about that darn bag).........i do like your masai in that color...
  4. how about graphite?
  5. now that might be ideal! never seen it in person but i love gray in general
  6. So, are you rather looking for a color closer to white or closer to black, H'aholic?
    Your initial post is confusing me a little, I have to admit;) ...

  7. well hmmmm i guess i would like a neutral color that is all purpose (not white and not black). natural tan, light gray--something that is a year around color. maybe graphite is basically black?:nuts:
  8. mrssparkles has a graphite birkin she posted a pic of sometime ago...maybe do a search on the boards...or if she sees this thread, she might post it!

  9. :shocked: how could you, LOL, I:love: Bolides!
  10. Which gray did you mean? I am going for the "ardoise" (please correct my spelling if I am wrong!) in boxcalf and I sort of like its basic gray look....
    I love Grays and many neutrals colors. I was just smitten with Isus' Etoupe Birkin in swift, it was lovely. I prefer Etoupe in Swift. I love Gris Tortourtelle and Graphite! :yes: ....these could be a great neutral for your collection.

  11. :drool: :heart: :heart: ...that bag is so heavenly!!! I am hoping that the new Ardoise will just come close to the beauty of MrsS incredible graphite beauty.
  12. I recommend Etoupe based on the description of what your needs are.
  13. Hermesaholic ~ Etoupe Sounds For You!....What About Indigo? You Don't Want Black...But, You Love Purples, Blues, Greens?.....Indigo!!!!!
  14. Thank you, MrsM. Both the Adroise and Graphite in box calf are very close. Adroise is a notch more gray.:heart:
  15. Graphite is very close to Black, Hermesaholic. But unlike black that looks black all the time, Graphite takes on a different colour depending on the light source. It sometimes look black, sometimes gray, something indigo ...