Gravity Check!!!

  1. OK, arrest me! The Prada forum is my home away from home, so I thought I'd post this here to see what my Prada Buddies think. Prada Psycho went to the dark side!! *ducks flying Gauffres*

    Here's my new Ivory Epi Leather Alma. That's right ya'll, the ole LV hatin' Prada Princess (Jill is the Queen Mother) done gone and bought a *GASP* LV!!! :bagslap:

    Honestly, I really didn't think I'd like it a bit and I was sort of lukewarm when I opened the box yesterday, but today when I carried it to my doctor's appointment and a quick run into Hermes for some body lotion, I decided DANG! I like this bag!!

    Here she is. Am I forgiven? :angel:

    2007_0706Image0056.JPG 2007_0706Image0052.JPG
  2. PS: The spot near the lock is the reflection of the lock on the bag. The bag is perfect!
  3. PP, I love it! Oooh, didn't realize y'all didn't like LV but come to think of it I don't see you or Jill posting over there, duh!

    Looks great!!
  4. I really like's very classic and it looks great on you!!!!
  5. I know! I never even GO to the LV forum!! I can't say what I'd really like to say there or I'd get lynched, hee hee. :wtf:

    Seriously, I only like the Epi leather and the only bags I like are the Alma and the Passy PM (in RED!!). That's about it for me and LV though. I am and will die a Prada gal, but it's fun to stick your toe in another pond from time to time. ;)

    Thanks guys!
  6. I've always liked epi LV bags. This is a classic.
  7. ^^^Thanks, lulilu! I feel like such a lady carrying it. :tender:

    (even though I was wearing jeans and a white tee!)

    Pursegrrl, Jill does have some LVs, I meant to say she's the Prada Queen Mother. I just realized it reads like she hates LV! Oops! :blush:
  8. I've been covertly looking at those for a while... Gorgeous choice - congrats!! :tup:
  9. LMAO! I actually buy a ton of LV too! GREAT CHOICE..VERY PRETTY!(No ducking from my gauffres...HEHE!)
    U look fab wearing it!CONGRATS!
  10. Oh, cool, thanks for clearing that up! :wlae:

    Congrats again on your new Alma, PP!
  11. I will forgive you when you find me a dark brown Gauffre deal.;)

    Seriously though, it is a pretty bag. I admit I don't like the LVs too much (especially the logo ones), but these I am diggin...:supacool:
  12. ^^^I'm still looking, lhasalover!!! :yes:

    Thanks guys!! Actually, I'm in worse trouble than I first thought. The LV store is right across from Hermes, so I went in to check out the detachable strap that's available for the Alma (it ruined the look, so didn't get it). While the SA was looking for an Ivory strap, I saw these KILLER sunnies in the case and asked the SA to get them out. I put them on and thought I had died and gone to heaven! They are the Soupcon Light Glitter in Honey. I told DH about them (including the $510 plus tax price tag-gulp!) in an email. Can't WAIT to hear the reply: "$510 AMERICAN??? Not Rubles????" (he's Russian ancestry).

    Of course I'm really in trouble now: I got a new American Express card in the mail today. Somebody SAVE ME!!!:hysteric:
  13. ^LMAO..I had my amex confiscated many moons ago by PHH...ROFL..It is BAD BAD BAD!( I mean I WAS BAD!!!LOL!)
  14. P-Psycho! Your Alma is LOVELY!! I love Almas! I have one in damier.

    I like LV -- was my first love! I'm one of those problem gals who can't fully commit to ONE designer. But Prada is my current love :love:

    I don't think any of my designers feel badly though, not with what I'm spending on them all! :p

    Enjoy your Alma!
  15. I love it...I have a few LV pieces, including one in the epi leather...the ivory is lovely, and I really like the Alma...I have one myself (not in epi).

    Enjoy it - variety is the spice of life!