grass green yay or nay....?

grass green.... yay or nay....?

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I like green but just not liking THIS green at all. To me, it's just too green! I prefer military green, dark olive, and even grayish green... but just not this green.
Okay, when i first heard of the "grass green" i was picturing a brighter green (more of like the apple green)....and then when the actual color was shown....i was disappointed....BUT.....after thinking about and thinking about I am starting to LOVE it. Oddly enough though I don't feel like it will be as versatile as some of the other greens. I still think its pretty though...but im choosing marine or anthracite over it..
i really like this color based on the pics i've seen. I didnt like apple--too neon, this is bright, but more just really green. Dont know if i would love it in a HUGE bag though.....

what are you on the wait list for, a city>?
I'm going to reserve judgement until we get some better photos (without the glaring giant hardware). I think it will be pretty, but its hard to tell from what we've seen.
Nay. The more I look at it the more I don't like it. I am not blue or green bag girl. I like neutrals and fun colors, pinks, purple, yellows. I keep looking at magenta and I almost went for it several times, but I am just not sure on that one. It's so bright. I probably will eventually cave when I find one at a good price.:yes:
I was originally on the wait list for it in the day size, but after seeing the NM picture of it I decided against it. I didn't like the apple - too bright, and none of the other ones - but I agree with msflutter - I changed my pre-order to the marine