Grass Green spring 2007 what styles?

  1. Does anyone know what shapes balenciaga made for spring 2007 in the green grass color?
  2. Pretty much everything. The only one I don't know of for sure is the quilited one. What style were you interested in?
  3. I have seen the vert gazon in the giant day, giant city, and giant work. My guess is that it will come in other styles as well.
  4. It's available in the Twiggy too : ) I know, because I just got my lil' iguana!

    I wish you well,


  5. Bridget,

    Could you PLEASE post a pic.?? I'm really lovin the green!!!

  6. I saw a grass green First with regular hardware two days ago at the Neiman Marcus Merrick Park in Miami. Very cute in the First style.
  7. I will see what I can do! Probably not before this evening (at the earliest!)

    I wish you well,

  8. I just got a grass green day in the regular hardware. It's TDF!

  9. OMG, acegirl, please post pic when you can!!
  10. All of the above! I am really impressed by the Grass Green. Such a lovely colour. I think it looks the best in the First or Twiggy style!
  11. Mah 'lil iguana : )

    I wish you well,

    Vert Gazon Twiggy 01.jpg
  12. Bridget, that color is amazing. Where did you get her?
  13. The very, very lovely Erica of HGBags. She's fabulous.

    I wish you well

  14. The city or work in the original hardware, but I have only seem them in the day, first and the new longer work style. :sad:
  15. :wondering Is it available in the Weekender?
    Although, maybe it's best if I don't know...:greengrin: