Grass Green Quilted Flap *Pic*

  1. Hi, total Chanel newbie here,

    Could anyone tell me the name and/or price of this amazing green bag (I think it's a clutch)?

    Is it a current season bag? I :heart: it very much!

  2. Hi, I think it is the preforated(may have spelt wrong) flap wallet- not 100% sure though x
  3. its current, almost sold out, got green, red,white,blue ... might yellow as well
  4. It's summer collection 2007. I saw the blue one in Bloomie NY. You can try
  5. I like it! Great color for summer.
  6. yes, that's the Perforated Wallet:yes:
  7. Thanks girls! You guys have great info. :smile:

    I thought it was a clutch, but maybe it could be used as such? Oh my, it's quite possibly the prettiest wallet I've ever laid eyes on!

    What is the usual price range (if there is one) for Chanel wallets like this one, does anyone know?
  8. Big wallets are usually between $600-$800
  9. Very cute wallet- hope you get it
  10. Great color.
  11. So I've been reading some old posts on wallets to (try to) educate myself, and I'm confused:

    Is there a wallet style called the "Timeless"?

    Is this Chanel's classic wallet that then comes in different leathers?

    Any info appreciated, TIA!

  12. Fannatics ... do u know if sydney has the green wallet.. i have been too lazy to go to chanel as of late..
  13. I have this one and I think it was $695. I'll check. It is actually pretty substantial in your hand and I'm going to use it inside a bigger bag so I can just take it as a clutch if I need to.

  14. The one thing that is kind of fun is that the perf ligne comes in really unique colors.
  15. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    Maxter, thanks for posting those pics! Your wallet is beyond gorgeous!

    The funny thing is, I've never really paid much attention to Chanel until now, I was flipping through a handbag site, the green wallet flew by, and I had to click "back" and stop in amazement... A similar thing happened w/ Balenciaga, which is how I started by B-collection. I fear that I've fallen!

    Just read about the whole price increase thing, though, so it seems that my timing is bad....

    How is the Red holding up? I'm trying to decide between it and the classic non-perforated one.