Grass? Blueberry? Or Marine?!!!!!!

  1. Okay, so I received $$$:drool: , specifically to buy a Balenciaga (people just know me too well). I'm looking to either buy A :rolleyes: Work (i'm a work collector/workaholic) or a :nuts: Weekender...

    :roflmfao: GRASS?


    :shame: MARINE?

    Would love to see pics...
    I'm already on the waitlist for Anthracite:yahoo: and I just purchased a French Blue:love: work at BalNY last weekend.

  2. my first choice is Blueberry
    then Grass Green.
  3. I would go marine. I saw it IRL the other day and it is the most amazing colour!
  4. incoral, show us your current collection to give us an idea for which color to recommend! I just really want to see your collection! :graucho: You never know, we might just run into each in the District or something...
  5. Green
  6. Grass Green because you already have the french blue so the green would add to your collection - plus the colour is so eyecatching and just tdf really!
  7. Marine!!

    It's such a pretty dark blue! Although I'm not sure if you want another blue especially since you just got a French Blue.

    Grass Green as my 2nd choice just to add variety to ya collection. G'luck with your good dilemma!
  8. Grass green w/GH...
  9. Here's the current collection:
    hook in cognac / work in pony / work in french blue / part time in camel

  10. Grass, you need some green in your collection :smile:
  11. ^^^I agree!!!
  12. I really like the green too, but I am big fan of the blueberry.
  13. My vote is for marine then blueberry. A marine work would be sooo pretty!

    P.S. - what do you think of your hook bag? I really want one in that size. Any thoughts?
  14. I'm drolling all over your PT :drool: :drool: :drool:
    A BLUEBERRY work would be heaven:love:
  15. Marine!