Graphite Owners

  1. Just wondering about the colour... Do any of you own something in graphite? Do you like the colour? Is it warm or cold? I have my eye on a graphite bearn wallet at the moment, and its in crocodile!! They are keeping it aside for the next 48 hours, since its Christmas and they cant hold longer...:sad:
  2. Oh, and its between the graphite crocodile, and fuschia crocodile..
  4. GRAPHITE!!!!!!!

    I LOVE my graphite Kelly. LOVE it! In fact I love it so much that I sold the 32cm I had because I felt it was too big and bought the exact same bag in a 28cm!!!! And I could have purchased a little something in a different color instead.

    I'd buy the Bern in the Graphite hands down over the Fuschia. I just think you'll get more use out of the Graphite for a longer period of time vs. the Fuschia which you might get tired of.
  5. pix of your kelly????
  6. Graphite croc is almost black so I would go for the fuschia. My Bearn is fuschia and I love reaching into my bag and pulling it out all bright and happy.

  7. i dont agree-i have graphite and its not black or even almost black. however fuschia is lovely. i prefer a neutral though
  8. Really? I just tried on a CdC in graphite croc last week, I was wearing a black sweater and it looked, well..the same :shame:
  9. graphite is fabulous in poro it has a lot of mauveish dark brown undertones depending on the light reflections. in nilo it is a bit darker less vibrant 8unlss it is matte where it also is colorchangeing) i love it it is a glamourous cousin to black as i call it.
  10. Thanks.. Now i just saw the violet as well in croc?? GORGEOUS!!! What do u all think?
  11. hey -eye of the beholder right? however -on the wrist with the metal and such it may not show as well. the wallet is big enough that alot of light reflects off it--i think its a very cool silvery color.......thats still light enough that you can see the scales and pin dots etc.........

  12. graphite for neutral and VIOLET for color! buy both if you can but i would go graphite for total and utter wearability and longevity
  13. get ´em all

  14. mine is nilo...........very pure medium silvery gray
  15. I really love graphite...that and etoupe are my favourite Hermès colours at the moment.

    S'mom I've been eyeing your graphite Kelly 32 for the last couple of days...sigh...she is a real beauty!