Graphite Mia Maggie:)

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  1. Went in today to exchange my kristin hobo in blue smoke i just wasnt into the brass hardware so i saw this maggie and fell in love it is so pretty and neutral.
  2. Finally, a pic of this beauty! THANK YOU!
    It looks absolutely FAB on you...great choice!

    ETA: If that is a black cat, tell it I said hi! I have two of my own...:love:
  3. Yes it is a black cat my Nicky baby!
  4. I love it
  5. love this bag. can't wait to see it IRL on friday. what color is the lining inside?
  6. Its a light purple.
  7. oh my gosh it looks so much better in your pics! it's gorgeous!!!
  8. Beautiful! But I am wondering what is the difference between Mia and Madison Maggie?
  9. Congrats! I saw this bag tonight as well and it's so pretty IRL. A bit darker than it looks in the pics on
  10. Very nice!
  11. Your making me want to exchange mine for a new one!! I got this last night, but I don't what happened, it peeling already. I think I may go exchange mine Friday for a new one.

    Isn't she a beauty!
  12. Beautiful bag. I love black cats too!
  13. Congrats! I LOVE the patent graphite! Enjoy!!
  14. Congrats - that looks great on you!!

    Do you know if this is only at Coach FP or is it also at Macy's/Nordstrom? :P
  15. Love it! Congrats