Graphite Matte Nilo Croc Lindy

  1. I posted this in the inventory thread but I thought this needs attention ASAP.

    I went to Toronto this weekend for the Film Festival and they had a 30cm Graphite Matte Croc Lindy. I had them hold it for me as I was SERIOUSLY tempted but as you all know I really want a Matte Croc Birkin. It is on hold for me right now which I thought was perfect as they wont sell it to anyone else and one of us TPF members can have it. It is just like the ad.
  2. it is $28,075 CAN with tax its $32,006 CAN and you can get the GST rebate (if you dont live in Canada) of $1,685 CAN
  3. Wow
    fortunate for me I don't care for the Lindy but there are many here that do!
  4. It took so much will power not to buy it.
  5. If you love it and buy it, then maybe they will order your black matte croc Birkin.
  6. wow. that sounds stunning. i'm not a fan of the lindy but in croc... wow. then ad was stunning!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. They have had this a while now. I held it too. It feels so soft and supple...ooooooh lovely..........
  9. This makes me feel that my SO 28cm Graphite Porosus Croc Kelly at $18,000.USD is a bargain! I will have to run downtown to see the Graphite IRL.
  10. WWWOOOWWW -- not in the market for another bag (per DH), but thanks for the offer!!
  11. That bag would have had me drooling so badly!!! Great will-power, you should really wait for the bag you want though
  12. ITA, Megs! are amazing....but good for you for sticking to your heart's desire. hNe
  13. came here to take a look at that ad again though -- really a beautiful bag...
  14. OMG! I NEED that bag.... now I need to figure out how to make MR. Flairforchic think I NEED it...:sneaky:
  15. OMG!!! That is pretty. And I do love how it makes other bags seem like bargains!!!