Graphite Hippie modeling pics

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  1. :drool: I can't wait for mine to get here!
  2. Hope you didn't mind! Love that color!.
  3. Thanks for the pics. It looks great on you. ...Not sure if you would be interested in this, but on my Hippie, I have the long strap hooked onto the rings on the inside of the bag. That way, when I want to wear it on my shoulder, I can easily tuck the long strap inside and you don't see it.
  4. Psh, I don't know what you're talking about--you look cute! That Hippie looks great on you. :smile:
  5. Thanks for all of your lovely comments, ladies! :blush: If any of you are on the fence about the graphite, I highly recommend you get it!
  6. very pretty! I love the way it fits!
  7. Call me stupid if this has been answered elsewhere, but is this such a new color that it's not on the Coach site? Or is it so old that it's sold out & I missed it?

    BTW, that looks fabulous on you!!
  8. Looks so awesome and so tempting to purchase myself!!!

  9. You can purchase through JAX. Don't think they are in stores (none were being sold in the Indiana area).
  10. ^^^Thanks! Are you able to use credit letters with JAX? I'm probably getting one because my bag looked pretty hopeless when they sent her off for repair. Hope the graphite can wait for me!!
  11. Gorgeous bag, I wish they would do the small hippie in that color, or that I could handle the large hippie, it's just too big for me. But it looks fantastic on you.
  12. My SA didn't think this color would be released in stores at all, as there were only about 300 at JAX. I don't know about the credit letter, but they should take it, after all it's a Coach credit. There's also a large mahogany hippie available for order, but I've never seen a picture of it.
  13. Pretty sure... I know I am! :smile: I think you can order through there like regular... you can also go to a coach store and they can order it for you if you'd rather do it there. I know when I order through my coach store I get free shipping. I'm assuming JAX would be the same... but I'm not sure for orders through JAX.
  14. Edit: Sorry, hit the quote button on the wrong thread, this was in response to Kells question.
  15. Thanks for the responses!! Sorry to the OP, I didn't mean to hijack your thread! It just looks so fabulous, but at FP it's totally outside of my budget at the moment :cry: