Graphite Damier Club!!!!

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  1. LOVE LOVE that tie Soren!!!:tup:

    Love your Tadao Legofish!!!:drool:
  2. I'm in.. or more like my BF's in.

    We picked up the Keepall 55 and the reversible belt for him today.
  3. ... and I forgot to join the club on Friday

  4. does anyone know which stores carry the graphite keepall 55? is the store inNYC in stock? i will go tomorrow if so... thanks!
  5. ^^ i saw a keepall on eluxury

    i'm dreaming of the days we can SO a graphite speedy :cloud9:
  6. Anyone purchase a pegase 60? I would love to see pics, its next on my wish list.
  7. I was looking at the pegase today, but it was only in the 60 size! WAY too big! They told me it had yet to be released in 50 =( But still I can join this club, I got a belt. :rolleyes:

  8. OOH, i dont know how i missed this post!!

    love it:heart:!!! and i want it
  9. ANd oh oh oh! I so want those sunglasses, if only for the graphite case! Has anyone gotten them yet? :tup: I only saw them in the catalogue!
  10. My DBF is officially in the club. :yahoo:

    And here are my DBF Graphite pieces: :nuts:

    The Wallet and the Inventeur Reversible 35 Belt

  11. I like Keepall Graphite.

    So beautiful.:woohoo:
  12. LS7!!

    this is a dream. Can you show us one modeling? they had no graphite when i went to paris. I WAS SOO BUMMED OUT!!!! :sad:
  13. Thanks Princesselektra!!! You gotta get one!!!;)
  14. Joining this club with an accessory. Here's my Graphite scarf.


  15. My First Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite.