Graphite Croc Birkin in Question

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    I decided to post these pictures here instead of the shopping sub-forum because I felt that it does not quite belong there.

    This is not really an authentication post either. I've posted these 2 pictures here for comments. It's of some concern to me, because I saw a picture of a croc bag that looked like this and at that time, I brushed it off as being a fake. These pictures are from mika's blog but I don't understand Japanese, so I don't know what's being said.

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    If someone here can tell us what this bag is all about, I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Oh, sorry if I even got the colour wrong . :shame:
  3. hmmm, is that the matte version? if so, then it looks completely different from the shiny version. maybe because i saw the shiny porosus one instead.:shrugs: but the scales definitely look bigger on this one.

    good luck, my dear. i honestly wish i could help you but i can't read japanese...:sweatdrop:
  4. It's not the concern of matte versus glazed.

    I really need to know what mika said in her blog .....
  5. Here's more or less of what Mika said (according to my friend who understand japanese):

    There's a Birkin 30 Matte Croco Ebene (in japanese, it's pronounced as abenn) SP in!!

    Very very valuable!!

    It's using mink & alcantra material (i suppose the lining interior? :shrugs: ). There's only 3 in the world.

    Suitable when you're wearing fur. The bag is a special order.

    The handle connected with the thickness of the fur coat, longer by 2cm (than the regular one perhaps? :shrugs:)

    Because of order's order :shrugs: , there's no official publication (announcement) photo. At shop front! (maybe what she meant is she has it in her store front?:shrugs:)

    Wonderful is the word! Splendid since the white croco birkin. It seems the order is possible only for the european noble family!

  6. iloveLV, you know very well why I posted the photos above. It's very similar to the croc photo you and I have seen, which have also been sent to some of the experts here for comment. Seeing this picture on a reputable Japanese reseller's blog, and then reading what has been translated, I am completely lost for words. So many thoughts are going through my head right now.

    (1) Is this one of Hermes' bags? Did Hermes make or did Hermes not make this bag?
    (2) If Hermes did not make this bag, does it mean that mika does not know how to authenticate croc birkins?
    (3) If Hermes did make this bag, does it mean we wronged that particular seller?

    Greentea, HG, Kellybag ... please help me out here.
  7. Better still, if someone here knows Japanese or has bought from mika before, please do me a favour and ask mika where she got this birkin from and ask for more details.
  8. Me too. I'm floored when I read what my friend translated. Maybe it's because there's no official announcement for this style (like what mika said), therefore not many people are aware that this style is actually exist?

    Furthermore, Mika also stated that the bag is only available for European noble family, it makes it even harder. Not to mention only 3 are made in the world.

    Should I just ask the owner of the croc bag for further explanation? :sneaky:
  9. ^^ That bag was not for sale anyway, so it's not our business to ask the owner to substantiate where she got her bag from. I have posted these pictures for sake of acquiring H knowledge and awareness. Not to poke into her private matters.
  10. ^^ You're right :yes:

    I'm so curious about that particular croc style and whether Hermes actually made that style. I hope someone over here can explain :confused1:
  11. I don't understand, it looks like a normal matte croc Birkin to me, why would there be only 3 in the whole world, and the thing about european noble families is definately rubbish...:confused1: :shrugs:
  12. When I saw the pic of the croc Birkin at Post #1 (which I understand as taken from Mika's blog), it reminds me of the Havanne matte croc Birkin that CDL listed some time back...


    I'm not an expert at all, & I'm not sure if this means anything...but as I looked and looked at pics of both bags, I observed something different in these 2 bags:

    In CDL's havanne bag, the skin is used such that the smaller scales are at the top, with the bigger/wider scales near the bottom.

    In Mika's bag, it's the exact opposite. The smaller scales are at the bottom of the bag, the bigger/wider scales are at the top.
  13. ^^^ This is a good point Gigi, but as you know, H makes matte Birkins both with Porosus croc (which has the smaller scales) and Niloticus (which has the bigger ones) Mika's bag looks more like Niloticus to me.....
  14. I second that. It looks like a matte Niloticus croc Birkin.