Graphite/Berry Molly

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  1. She's so cute and I was so excited my store had them in stock. The manager of the store was so nice and unpacked a brand new one for me :biggrin:

    Who wants to see again? (I think she's been revealed before)
  2. I can see itagain!
  3. Not the best picture but here she is :biggrin:

  4. I love how the leather looks!! So fluffy!
  5. really cute! :love:

  6. Great bag, I really love the colour combo.
  7. I think this is just such a cute style and I really like the contrasting colors. Great choice!
  8. Beautiful bag.. I have to say molly is on of my fav's ....I cant wait to see her irl!
  9. I love this bag, the color combination is so striking! And the leather is beautiful. Congrats!
  10. Great color detail on that Molly!
  11. Love this color combo! The more I use Molly the more I love it. Great bag!
  12. Oooh but I love this color combination, and something about the molly/rory design is incredibly appealing to me. I think this color is the one I love most after cognac. It's such a perfect, understated colorblock, with just the right amount of neutral and big POP of color... le sigh. :girlsigh:

    Plus that leather is so scrumptious. Some bags have such great leather you could almost cuddle up to them (for some reason, this reminds me of George Costanza from Seinfeld being "ensconced in velvet." LOVED that episode, btw).
  13. I can't believe it is already in stores! I love it!
    I wanted to order it last pce but I kept hesitating. Maybe next pce.
  14. congrats!! It's gorgeous!

    Do you mind taking a modeling picture? I'm undecided whether to go for the candace or the molly in this color combo.

    TIA ;)
  15. I love the Graphite/Berry combination! And the textured leather looks so nice! Congrats on your beautiful Molly!