Graphite 35 cm Birkin, take it? Pass!

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Graphite Birkin 35 cm. Yes/No?

  1. Take it, it is different enough

  2. No, pass!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hey Ladies, need your help.

    Graphite Birkin 35 cm being offered to me. Take it, or pass. Current collection:

    Cafe Clemence 40 cm
    Black Togo 40 cm
    BDP 35 cm

    This would be the 4th. Thanks!
  2. Did you want it?
    DO you like it?
    What kind of leather?
    Personally I love graphite~~
  3. I do like it. I am wondering if it is different enough from Black.
  4. Your black one is a 40cm and this one's a 35cm so I'd say its different enough.
  5. I would take it I think it would make a lovely addition to your collection, I am slightly biased as graphite is on my wishlist :love:
  6. Well, I had a graphite Kelly and a Black Birkin and ultimately sold my graphite Kelly because I wasn't reaching for it enough over the Black. But that's just me......
  7. How about a nice bright color? :smile:
  8. yeah, that is what I am thinking too like a red. I feel like I'd be waiting for a while for the red.
  9. Red would be fantastic :heart:
  10. I think you should wait for a color that makes your heart sing.
  11. Zoopla,

    I would go for a red, too. An acquaintance has a 35 cm rouge garrance CdC birkin w/GHW and I covet that bag every time I see it.

    It also depends on how you like to coordinate your bags with what your wearing. Do you want the bag to blend in or stand out. Have fun with your search and eventual purchase (and reveal)!
  12. I agree with the others ..wait for something in red!
  13. i would take it! i have an ostrich birkin in graphite and the color is so awesome!
  14. I am just wondering are both Graphite and Black Birkins with the same hardware? If yes, I would pass if I were you.
  15. are you collecting because it is available or would you hanker for it if it were not available? if the answer is yes to the former i would pass. don't let yourself get caught up in getting it just because... like the other ladies said, get the graphite if you were hankering for it. don't worry it will end up in a good home.