Graphic Edge in Black and Grey just came in.....

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  1. My Saks SA just called and said that he just received 4 Graphic edge bags....2 in Black and 2 in Grey. I'm not sure what they look like but the style numbers are:

    38469 Y0490 for the Grey
    38468 Y0490 for the Black

    He has them in 2 sizes:

    Large = $2250
    small = $1995

    If anyone is interested, please call Sean Colony at Saks in Tampa.

    (813) 371-5355.
  2. Are you holding out on me?! What is a Graphic Edge?!?!?
  3. It looks nice and I read its huge..saw one on ebay..the price is okay but its from vinyl
  4. Thanks ShockBoogie!
  5. :flowers: