Graphic Edge Collection

  1. Anyone have pics? My SA keeps saying it is stunning and has embossed camillia's and cc logos all over it.
  2. I could not figure out how to post the picture so I sent you the look book. It's on page 16 of Act II.
  3. please do not post photos of the Lookbook.
  4. Swanky - I know we're not suppose to post the lookbook so I tried to copy the picture of the bag only but PDF did not allow any modification to the file. I hope posting just the picture of the bag is okay?
  5. :shrugs: I really don't know.

    I guess one photo of one bag is fine{?}
  6. Open the pdf file to the page with the Graphic Edge bag and use the "print screen" (normally above the "insert" button on your key board) and then open the paint program (in the accessories on Windows) and "paste". In the paint program you will be able to edit everything out of the picture but the bag itself. Is it from the Nordstrom lookbook? Let me see if I can do it.
  7. Here you go - prices from left:

    Graphic Edge.JPG
  8. Thanks for the instruction.

  9. Thank you so much for posting the pics! :love:
  10. I asked the SAs at the Chanel Boutique in NY, NY on 57th Ave about the Graphic Edge bags and they had no idea what I was talking about! Can you believe that? The Chanel boutique in NY for goodness sake! They kept asking me did I mean Graffiti. Ridiculous!
  11. Mon - u are really an expert with computers!!!! I am so impressed!
  12. :lol:- lola- like you dont know how to say Graffiti.
  13. cool... i like the darker one!
  14. Saw the black one in Neiman yesterday. It is huge than what I thought
  15. I like the pattern but I wish that they weren't vinyl.