Grapenuts Cereal ideas?

  1. Recently, while in a health-crazed delusional state, I went out and bought a box of Grapenuts cereal. I brought it home and tried it for the first time and almost gagged. I know many people who actually like the taste, but I thought it was utterly horrid (yes, I'm more of a frosted-flakes/corn pops/captain crunch kind of girl...)

    I will not eat the rest of the box as cereal, but I also don't want to waste it. My bf won't touch it either. That being said, do any of you know of any recipes that incorporate grapenuts and taste moderately decent (e.g. muffins, etc)?

  2. I used to top ice cream with grapenuts. It's absolutely terrific! (Not exactly a recipe and probably not what you wanted.. but it is absolutely yummy with the right amount of crunch. :drool: )
  3. hmmm...i may try that! i'll counterbalance the guilt of eating ice cream by telling myself that the grapenuts make it healthy! Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. i eat mine with yogurt. not sure if you'll like it, but i think it's great this way :smile:
  5. I found a recipe for Cat Poop Cookies that used a bed of grape nuts in the serving tray.

    Cat Poop Cookies