1. is this color out in stores yet? I was wondering about a GGH Hobo in grape- is it available? where? Thanks!
  2. Haven't seen it in stores yet
  3. The lady that I was talking to at Matches yesterday talked about 'a few weeks'.
  4. I've also heard that delivery is expected shortly. I've pre-ordered a Violet City and have been told that they may well arrive before I go on holiday at the beginning of August. Fingers crossed!
  5. oooh where can you pre-order??
  6. I cannot wait for mine!
  7. I'm in the UK and any of the big retailers will make a note of your interest. I have, though, found that the best retailer to follow up any order which you make is Harrods. They are very loyal to customers and will follow up with regular calls info about your order. Hope you secure a Violet bag, if you're interested.
  8. If you are in the States you can call BalNY and be put on the waiting list. They're suppossed to be in sometime in august.
  9. Thanks!!!
  10. it comes out in september per my SA