Grape twiggy is here!

  1. I am so excited! Got done teaching my class just in time to catch the UPS man coming into my building :yahoo:!!!

    Please excuse the crappy pics - since I'm at work, I had to take them between dealing with students and scarfing down my lunch before my faculty meeting in a bit. I will try and post better ones over the weekend.

    I would say the name "grape" really describes the color well - it has a much more reddish undertone than what the pics are picking up. I totally love the color and the style!

    I also included a pic of her with my anthra city since I had that with me today too!
    P9190104.JPG P9190105.JPG P9190106.JPG
  2. WhOOo H:huh:OO!!! :woohoo: She's a CUTIE!!! cOngrats!
  3. :nuts: WOW~ Congrats!!! Where did you find her?

    Very nice :drool:
  4. congrats!!!!! that is one beautiful bag!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. I can see exactly why you are so excited. The distressing looks really cool and the colour is so deep!
  6. Thanks everyone!

    DollyGirl - I was lucky enough to snag one form BalNY. I had initially waitlisted for a first, but about a month or a month and a half ago I changed my mind and asked to get a twiggy or day if that was a possibility.
  7. Beautiful twiggy! Violet is an amazing color! Congrats!
  8. that color is amazing!! congrats congratssss
  9. Gorgeous twiggy congrats!!
  10. LOVE IT!!!! I'm glad it finally made it to you! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!
  11. still :heart:ing the violet & that leather is :drool:
  12. Love the color!!! Works great on that bag. Can someone please explain the difference between the Motorcycle, the Twiggy and the Classique. Thanks so much!
  13. Great color, it looks so rich!! Love the city too!!
  14. congrats! gorgeous bag! enjoy!
  15. Thanks so much everyone!

    dara-lynn - both the twiggy and classique (also referred to as the "first") are motorcycle styles, as is the city, which is the other darker bag pictured with the violet one. You can read up on all the different styles on this thread:

    The first is a smaller bag (check the reference section for dimensions, etc.) than the twiggy and city (and there are many other motorcycle styles too). The twiggy is almost satchel-like in style whereas the city is more boxy (and a bit larger).