Grape Stud MAB

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  1. Has this been released yet? I can't seem to find one anywhere and I searched and didn't find any pics ... help?
  2. I had one and recently returned it (last week, unused) to Platinum Trunk -- color was just a little too purple for me. You might want to contact them....
  3. This bag has been out for a while.. probably sold out in some of the stores.
  4. is it a summer color???
  5. it looks pretty I assume it was for summer??? I wonder what colors will be here for fall.
  6. Spring? I think.. came out with black and almond.. It's really a pretty color.. I have a stud devote in grape and really love it!
  7. There are a few Stud Grape bags on ebay! I think I saw a Devote and a couple of Nikkis. Worth checking out if you love the color/studs!

    ...and if you are worried about fakes. RMs have not been faked yet.
  8. I really want the mab
    but thanks ... I may check them out!
  9. ^ I will keep an eye out for you.
  10. Thanks I just emailed Platinium Trunk
  11. very summery. it just didn't go with anything in my closet so I couldn't justify keeping it.
  12. I had special ordered my Grape studded MAM a while ago from Luna Boston which had finally arrived.. I think it may have been tricky for them to get.. But I'm so happy that I did get this precious bag because it's definitely beautiful and one or a kind . I posted pics a week or so ago. Good luck I hope you can find one. :smile:
  13. Thinking of getting a Grape studded MAB. I have never seen it in person. Have you? Any thoughts?
  14. I think it's real pretty and neat looking!