Granville- gray or black?

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  1. Hello ladies,
    I've decided to get a Granville, but couldn't make up my mind on which color to get between black and gray... What do you guys think?
    The only one I've tried on was a white one, and it was 2 years ago, and there is no boutique nearby, so I could not try on either of them.... Ive done some searches for modeling pics, but most of them are with black granville, can someone please share their gray Granville modeling pics with me?

  2. You can't go wrong with the black Granville.
  3. It depends on which purpose you are looking to buy the bag for. The black is timeless, very functional and versatile. The grey I think is a bit more bold, more of a statement, and also probably not an every day bag due to the color.
  4. I like Granville black!
  5. as long as it's in lambskin though and not patent, colour transfers can be removed if done quickly enough and not left to stay for a few days to a week or so, in which case it would be harder to remove it from the leather completely
  6. Thank you Michi_chi for the info.
    I have been obsessed with colour transfer since it happened to my beige Chloé Tekla....
    I must have waited too long to do something about it, though....
    I have got a light coloured Lady Dior and I only carry it with white....:rolleyes: