Granville - Color Decision

  1. Thanks so much!!!
  2. Just realized that you bought the Dior Soft. Congrats! So yeah, get the Granville in another color. I saw one in geranium (red) and it's gorgeous. But then again, red might not be up your alley. GL deciding!
  3. The beige with champagne hardware is really nice
  4. That is what I am getting. I like that they have a refund policy and not just a store credit.

    It is suppose to come tomorrow!!!
  5. Woohoo! Beige with champagne gold is a killer combo. I much prefer Dior's beige to Chanel's beige clair. Good decision! Please show us pics once it arrives. So you've got the black Dior Soft tote and now, this Granville. You're on a roll!
  6. I agree! Please show us pictures tomorrow!!!:biggrin:
  7. Yes, on a roll....I must STOP!!! Somebody, stop me, please :smile: hehehe
  8. If you want someone to stop you, you've come to the wrong forum, babe! :graucho: