granny loves LV

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  1. today i wore my damier speedy 30 again and guess who noticed it? an old lady, maybe in her 80's commented "that is a very nice, expensive bag." must cost you a fortune, she said. i find it very unusual for an old lady to say that. has anyone of you encounter anything like this?
  2. Ah, how sweet!
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    Last edited: Jul 25, 2009
    I don't see an interest in fashion as being age restricted: she may herself have carried good things her whole life. At what age is it supposed to be wrong to care? Let's not stereotype the interests of people by their age.
  4. very sweet!!
  5. Some people always stay interested in fashion!
    What a nice comment!
  6. My grandmother is 82 and she'd completely flip if she knew what I spent on my bags. I'd never hear the end of it! She seriously wouldn't know the difference between a Walmart bag or a LV but I love her to death!
    I think the gal you ran into must keep up on fashion, otherwise she'd have to clue.
    It would be so fun to talk fashion with someone that age who's into it! Think of all the styles she has seen and worn through the years!
  7. I have not had an experience like this but I think it is totally adorable and that sweet lady has awesome taste!!! I think she should get one too and rock it ;)
  8. Hahaha she rocks! I'm gonna be like that in fifty years, except I'll still know all the lines by name and when I see a girl with a Damier Hologramme Speedy-3000 I'll comment on the best Cyber Charms to go with it! :jrs:
  9. ^^Lol! Me too :smile:
  10. I think it's cool! I hope when I'm in my 80's I'm still able to rock LV!
  11. Well, some grannies have very good taste and may even be well-versed with luxury bags and shoes :lol:
  12. My Grandmother was a premier customer at Vuitton - The label pre-dates all of us here on the forum, why is it such a surprise that someone of an older generation knows what the brand is?
  13. ^^My thoughts exactly!
  14. granny has good taste
  15. i agree