Granny Look Rebecca Demornay

  1. Granny Look Rebecca Demornay

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  3. she looks great.
  4. I think she looks ok, why is this called granny look?
  5. I don't get it either. Why is this called a granny look?:confused1:
  6. I think she is beautiful.
  7. I like her better as a blonde but I don't think she looks old here, I think she looks beautiful.
  8. I prefer her blonde, too.
  9. Her neck looks older than her face & body...
  10. If I looked as good as her at that age- I would not care about my neck!
  11. Life goes on...another year older and I'm glad to still be around...don;t care for the alternative.
  12. Well she's 48 so she's gonna have a few wrinkles

    I think she looks good
  13. Y'know...everyone gets old, eventually. Even celebrities.
  14. She looksgreat! Of course her neck and face look different, but she's not 20 anymore. Nothing to do with granny though.
  15. She looks very beautyful!