Granite Rocco with Pale Gold!!!

  1. I JUST bought this over Bonanza from a lovely fellow TPFer!!! Can't wait for it to arrive!!! Here are some pics!!

    I had to share here with my wonderful AW rocco tfpers who could share my excitement!! I been hanging out in the balenciaga forums for a while and I miss you all over here!!!
    Rocco_001.jpg Rocco_003.jpg Rocco_005.jpg 026.jpg
  2. WOW. I'm usually in the Bal/RM forums too (mostly a lurker here in AW), but just had to give you MAJOR congrats on scoring such a beauty! I love the color/hardware combination- absolutely beautiful:worthy:!
  3. pretty!! i have this in the diego version but i love it in rocco a lot more!!
  4. Ah you lucky duck!!! And knowing who you bought this from...this bag will not disappoint! :graucho: Congrats!
  5. Ahhh thanks so much!! I'm so excited, I drool everytime I see cupcake studs :balloon:
  6. Congrats!!!
    Perfect pebbling !:graucho::graucho:
  7. Oh congrats!! I just ordered this bag from Barney's but haven't seen the real thing yet. I'm super excited to see mine now
  8. Yay bag twins!!! I've never seen the colour in person either but it looks really nice
  9. Looks gorgeous!
  10. It's beautiful! I love it.
  11. I'm thinking of buying it in the Diego versio. Can u post a few pics of it for me maybe ?:smile: is the color gray or more of a beige color ? It looks different in every picture I look at :smile: it would be so much appreciated. Thank you :heart:
  12. hi! i have this on my computer saved, here u go-- if ud like more just let me know and ill snap them tomorrow

    these pictures are pretty true to life:smile:

  13. GORGEOUS bags! The granite is such a lovely pairing against the gold.
  14. Ahh that is gorgeous!!! Can't wait for mine to arriveeeee!!!! Love the granite with the shiny gold combo

  15. Yay post pics when you get it!! I'm super excited too after seeing that beautiful diego!!