grandmother's gift

  1. nothing special, just something I know she would enjoy. Got it from LT

    222 357.jpg

    222 358.jpg
  2. That's a sweet present!
  3. What a nice grandson you are!

    I'm sure your grandmother is going to like it A LOT. :tup:
  4. Your grandma is a lucky woman! I'm sure she'll absolutely love it!
  5. what a nice grandson!!! too bad i'm still young. :p
  6. it's pretty!
  7. Wow very nice.
  8. How sweet!!
    --- would she mind doing a modeling pic?:tender:
  9. awww, you are too sweeet!! she is gonna love it!!!
  10. nice gift!
  11. How nice of you to get your grandma such a great present! I bet she will enjoy it very much!
  12. thanks guys. One of the reasons I got it is because she has only one LV bag and shes into fendi but its time for more LV!!!
  13. My grannie wears that too, she looks so chic in it.

    Your grandmother is going to be smoking!

  14. LOL :nuts: hehe i agree your grandma will love the bag !!
  15. I bought this for my mom years ago. It's classic and chic!!