Grandmothers bugatti

  1. Just wanted to say a huge thankyou to this forum, I have been lurking and reading for a short while and have discovered the bag that I have spent so many years searching for is called a 'bolide'. I have so many strong emotional memories of my grandmother wearing her bugatti bag, which disappeared when she died - probably in a trunk somewhere waiting to be discovered - that I have been searching for a replacement. Finally after buying a LV Alma, YSL Muse and recently an Alexander McQueen Novak, all very lovely but none hit the spot I can now start searching for a bolide. Many many thanks.
  2. Wecome elliebean!

    Glad you are here and many friends to be made. Have fun and enjoy reading and posting.

    You will find your bolide fast. Are you ready?
  3. You still refer to it as a Bugatti, is that what Grandmother called it? It that's the case, when did she purchase the bag? I hope you find it someday as I'm sure there must be so much history behind it.

    BTW, your post is reminding me of a bit of trivia that I'll on the other thread.
  4. Yes, she always called it her bugatti, not sure when she bought it but think it may have been a present to celebrate the birth of a child. She wore it constantly and it always contained a surprise for her grandchildren. I am off to London next week to try and find one - any ideas on which size I should look for? I am 5' 10" tall so I guess 31cm or 37cm would look best? A price guide would also be useful, if anyone has bought one recently, thanks.
  5. Oh welcome ellie! So is the bugattie the same as the bolide?? I have the 1923 version and love it - with zip top, it's a great bag. Any particular color??
  6. Shoes, I posted something about this on the bag trivia thread.
  7. Welcome elliebean and thanks for sharing your story! I like both the 31 and 37 Bolide but the latter can get very heavy in some leathers. They are easy to find, though. Most boutiques have multiples on the shelves. What color are you after?
    I hope you find your G'ma's Bugatti!
  8. Welcome!!! I hope you find that Bugatti soon!
  9. Hi Ellie and welcome! Hope you find your grandmothers bag and the perfect Bolide for you! :flowers:
  10. Hi the's one of my favorites!
    They have a very vintage feel to them. I hope you find the one you've been searching for and then another, then another, and then another.
    So special!
  11. Welcome to the forum, elliebean!! I LOVE the Bolide! It's my very first Hermes and it's one of the most functional and elegant bag I've never had. I've owned a LV Alma at one point but IMO just doesn't compare to the Bolide:yes: . If you're 5' 10", you can pull off both 31cm and 37cm. I personally prefer 31cm.:flowers:

    Please enjoy your time in London and if you acquire a Bolide while you're there, please post pictures!:flowers:
  12. Oh the Bugatti (I LOVE that name.....) is one of my favorite Hermes bags, Elliebean! One that you will fall in love with is sure to be on the shelves of whichever H store you go into....they seem to keep a nice supply of them. What color/leather combination are you leaning towards?

    5'10" (you lucky girl!) and you should be able to pull of a 37cm with no trouble at all! Try to find one in a leather that is not too heavy and slouchy 37cm it can make for a heavy bag. Do you remember what leather you Grandmothers bag was? I'll bet Box!

    BTW....IMO the Alma, Muse and Novak can not hope to compare with Bolide. I've had the Alma and sold it after acquiring the Bolide. NOTHING compares!
  13. I bought a 37 Bolide almost a yeat ago, it's Clemence leather and I paid it 3550 euro...HTH
  14. 2005:
    Bolide 31cm in Chevre Mysore (Goatskin): USD 5250

    Bolide 31cm in Chevre Mysore (Goatskin): USD 5500 - I think
    Bolide 31cm in Ostrich: USD 11200