grande shopping tote in caviar leather - availability

  1. Is this style always available? can anyone tell me where I can get one? it doesn't seem like this style is available in Asia. I've searched everwhere!!!
  2. Yes, here in Dalas it's always available.
    What color are you interested in?
    Are you in Asia?
    I can give you a number of an SA that can get one for you but I don't know that they ship to Asia:shrugs:
  3. Which specific tote are you referring to? I think a lof of the totes are called the Grand Shopping Tote. I made this mistake when calling one of the Chanel boutiques asking for the "grand shopping tote" and was rudely told that a lot of totes are called that and that I'd have to be more specific. :yucky:
  4. Eh, true! But she did say in caviar so I'm pretty sure which one she means.
    My new Vintage Tote is called that too, but it's from the Vintage Ligne so I don't call it that nor does my SA. . . . what a snot!
  5. Yes, I'm in Asia but I have a U.S. address as well. Can I get your S.A.'s number please? Thanks. So technically, what is the name for this boxy bag with compartments (in caviar leather)? How should I refer to it?
  6. Hi Swanky,

    Do you know if the medallion tote comes in red caviar? Also, I was wondering if the petit shopping tote, the same bag as your grand shopping tote but half it's size, comes in red caviar? Seems like you're getting a new one every day so I figured you'd know for sure:flowers:
  7. ^LOL! I don't get a new one everyday! I only have 2 actually plus a wallet! LMBO!:lol:
    I don't know what colors the Medallion or the Petit Shopper comes in other than the couple of standards {black, beige. . . }
    I personally found it hard to get into and out of, it's a little stiff for me. If you don't need something quite as big as the Grand Shopping Tote, I'd choose the Petit over the Medallion *for me personally* even though I LOVE the way the Medallion tote looks.

    sbhunz, is this the bag you're talking about? I just want to make sure before I try and help.
    DSCF1323.jpg DSCF1327.jpg
  8. Swanky, yes this is the exact same bag I want. A black grand shopping tote in caviar leather. seems like a useful bag to have for everyday wear. I recently just got hoooked on Chanel and bought a few styles from their luxury line ( a black matte bowling bag, a large 2.55 re-issue in distressed black lambskin, and another one which I don't have a name for). Would you say the grande tote is one of the more classic styles?
  9. I do think it is a classic style! Best of luck to you with your decision!

    If you like soft structured styles, you may also want to consider the tote in the Diamond Stitch or Outdoor lines. The bottom of the tote is "softer" than the bit stiffer Grande Shopping tote.
  10. It's absolutely a classic, it's part of the Classic permanent Colection!
    Call Shannon @ {972}629-1700, she'll help you! She had at least one in the Grand and one in the Petit when I was there on Sat!
  11. Hey girlie... I've seen it in beautiful distressed red leather only....
  12. Thanks Swanky for all the info. SoCal too for your suggestions.
  13. Thanks sweetie! :flowers: Distressed is fine by me :yes:
  14. The distressed leather is SO gorgeous! But it scratches easily, you have to know that before buying!
  15. The fact that it is distressed is okay IMO b/c its like the diamond stitch leather and is distressed by nature so I think even if it gets a little banged up, it will look good b/c of the nature of the leather... KWIM???