Grande shopping tote, every day bag?

  1. I think I've narrowed it down to the grande shopping tote which is $1650. I saw it in Chanel yesterday and loved it. It was caviar so I think it's ok as an everyday bag. Does anybody have that? Is it too heavy for everyday and sturdy enough?
  2. Do you have a picture of it?
  3. If you are talking about the one I think you are asking about (boxy with the chain links hooked directly into two links on the front & back sides of the bag), then 'yes', it is a great everyday tote/shoulder bag. I have it in black with the gold links and I love it. Since it is black and caviar leather, it is very sturdy to use everyday. What color were you looking at?
  4. I had one and returned it because it had gold hardware and I just couldn't deal w/ that! LOL! I'll post photos.
    Yes, it's ABSOLUTELY perfect for everyday, no matter what color.
    I preordered the new antique brown one and cannot wait to get it!
    It's not really heavy unless you completely load it IMO and it's the perfect size.
    DSCF1323.jpg DSCF1327.jpg DSCF1332.jpg DSCF1333.JPG
  5. the bag looks so nice! will the new antique brown one have silver hardware??
  6. I bought that bag and returned it. It was absolutely GORGEOUS and a perfect every day bag! The only problem that I had with it was the fact that it didn't have a zippered top. It just BOTHERED me!!! It seemed like it would be so easy for someone to reach into my bag and snatch my wallet. I am looking for a job in NYC and eveyone knows how unsafe it can be there. :sad:(
  7. Swankymama, that is the exact same bag! Why didn't you like the gold part, just curious? Also, what does the antiqued brown one look like, is it just like this one because I wanted brown and I asked the SA and she said they only have black and tan (honey color).
  8. swankymama you look gorgeous!!
  9. I think the brown will have silver hardware according to my SA, but could be wrong. There will also be another black with silver hardware. Not sure if either is in stores yet, I'm on waitlist for both.
  10. Ooh! spylove22, this is the same tote that I have been thinking about for the past few days! I'm in the market for my first Chanel bag. I think now, I'm definitely going to get it.

    , the tote looks fabulous on you!
  11. Oh I would love this bag is it had silver hardware.
  12. Thank you guys!
    Unfortunately, they haven't made black and silver yet and the gold just doesn't work w/ me. . . I have an issue w/ it matching my jewelry and yellow gold does not :sad:
    The antique brown is FANTASTIC! It's new for F/W '06 and yes, it has silver hardware!!! The brown isn't shiny more matte-ish . . . kind of hard to explain. . . not distressed, but not so uber-perfect. KWIM?

    This bag also comes in white and pink and a camel color.

    The brown will be higher though :sad: I don't know if just it will be more expensive or if the line is going up. . . it's a couple of hundred more. :sad:
    $1650 for this Chanel is actually not a bad deal IMO.
  13. I hope the whole line isn't going up! But you're right, $1650 for Chanel seems actually cheap compared to some of their other bags. While I was researching possible options for a Chanel tote, I saw pictures of the Grand Shopping tote and thought FOR SURE that it would be $2K+. I was pleasantly surprised that it's only $1650! :shame:
  14. I know right!? Especially for it's size!
  15. I know how you feel. Weight is often an issue for me with Chanel, or any line that uses chain straps. I love the ones I have, but I can't always carry them. (was that on topic?)