Grand Summary of the Current Lookbook

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  1. Since the current lookbook spans from the April - November, I decided to do a quick overview of SOME of the products coming out, unfortunately I don't have access to the current lookbook to scan the pictures. I'll try to gather more info as time goes on...

    Please try to keep new entries in the same format so we can try to stay organized! Thank you!

    If you are adding new information specify clearly which bag/accessory you are referring to!
  2. Name: Berkeley

    Material: Damier and Damier Azur

    Description: Bowling style bag, hand carried, with a plate.

    Price: $1420

    Release Date: June
  3. Name: Premium

    Material: Damier

    Description: Reminds me of the Hermes Bolide with a pleated bottom. In PM or GM.

    Price: PM $1420/ GM $1720

    Release Date: September
  4. Name: Palermo/Tivoli

    Material: Monogram Canvas

    Description: Basic handheld bags. Hard to describe them... they don't have too many distinguishing features. Sorry... :sad:

    Price: Palermo MM $975/GM $1170, Tivoli MM $825/$1050

    Release Date: October
  5. Name: Unknown Epi Bags

    Material: Epi

    Description: Streamlined Epi bags. Shoulder carried. Very minimalistic.

    Price: PM $750/GM $930

    Release Date: October
  6. Name: SLG Complice

    Material: Monogram Canvas

    Description: These are pretty cool. They look the like current denim zippered wallet, but I think there's no compartments inside, BUT there's the key ring sticking out like the Cles! It will also have the Trunks & Bags logo currently on the Neverfull mini Pochette.

    Price: PM $240 / $420.

    Release Date: Unknown
  7. Name: Lockit PM/GM

    Material: Suhali

    Description: Same as the current Lockits with some new colors: Gold, Silver, Blue (not sure if it is the same as the old Suhali blue) and Gray. Also avaliable in Alligator.

    Price: PM $2230/$2620. Alligator PM $16500/$20200.

    Release Date: New colors in the fall, alligator is in stores NOW!
  8. Name: Hobo

    Material: Monogram BRONZE

    Description: This material APPEARS to be the same as the Monogram Embossed Leather from last season but it is of a 'dirty' bronze color and trimmed in black leather. Shoulder carried. More of a long bag. In two sizes

    Price: $2250/$2700

    Release Date: Mid June
  9. Name: Nimbus

    Material: Lambskin Monogram

    Description: Same as the current Nimbus bags in new colors, it appears to be a dark and lighter grey.

    Price: $1950/$2550

    Release Date: October
  10. Aluminum it would be great if you could add your info to the fall winter summery too as there is a lot of info over there on various bits and pieces.

    I haven't seen the book yet so I really appreciate all you info.
  11. Name: Vertical Document

    Material: Monogram Canvas/Bequia/CROCODILE DEGRADE

    Description: Men's Line. This is the vertical bag that looks like the Porte Document.

    Price: $1500 with red/brown or black trimming. Bequai version is $1950. Full Crocodile version is $19500.

    Release Date: October
  12. Name: Porte Document

    Material: Monogram Canvas

    Description: Looks like a Porte Document with the Mirage handles.

    Price: $1800. Also avaliable in Bequia and Crocodile but I forgot the prices... :Push:

    Release Date: ?
  13. Name: Lockit Miroir

    Material: Monogram Miroir

    Description: Lockit PM in Miroir.

    Price: $1420.

    Release Date: July
  14. Thank you so much for the info.. The berkley & the new color Nimbus sound yummy :smile:
  15. Thanks for this update bud! ;)