Grand shopping tote

  1. The Grand Shopping Tote....What does everyone prefer? Gold hardware or Silver Hardware?
  2. I prefer the GST with silver hardware. I have been trying to locate one.
  3. Do you think if I wear mostly gold jewlery gold is better or does it matter?
  4. silver for me. :yes:
  5. I like gold because it looks dressier
  6. I have the gold. I saw today that my friend, "purse-onality", who is also oftenn on TPF, has it in silver. I bought the gold b/c I guess that was what was in stock. My next bag in black, however, will likely be in silver. I think that way, the silver focuses more on the design on the bag and not on the strap.
  7. silver for me.
    I'd buy whichever I wear more of.
    I wear white gold/platinum, so it's silver hardware for me!
  8. Silver as well.

    I only wear white gold and/or platinum.
  9. I like silver but the gold looks really pretty on some combos
  10. I like gold. It especially looks stunning on black, IMO! I just bought a beige Grand Shopper with gold hardware a couple days ago. I love it!!
  11. I called my SA today to locate a petit shopper in black w/silver hardware and she said that Chanel doesn't make the petit with silver hardware, only gold. :sad:
    She said only the Grand Shopping Tote comes in black w/silver, is that true?

    Well, I like both but I wanted to get the black w/silver because I wear alot of white gold w/diamonds. :s
  12. i like both and have both.

    yellow gold was passe for a bit, but not anymore. even when it was considered passe, i still wore it. i love yellow gold. it's like old hollywood.
  13. I like both. I have black GST and white GST with silver but want beige with gold.:yes:
  14. ANNIE! You got one!? Where's the lovely photos for us to:drool: over?
  15. this is my question too! SERIOUSLY, I was JUST about to post this! opinions...I am 26, I wear more silver..but LOVE it in gold! Now I dont know what to do!:nuts: