Grand Shopping Tote

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  1. I just got my GST in camel today in the mail, it is lovely. I saw a lady carrying it in black at NM. She looked great! I purchased it in camel. All of you GST tote owners tell me about this color and why do you think this is a great bag? Help me justify keeping it:shrugs:!
  2. Keep it because it is beautiful! I have a white one and then bought a beige (camel) both in caviar. Now I want a black one....addicted to this style. Great choice!!!! Enjoy it.
  3. It is so beatiful. I love Chanel. ... I am hoping to save up for the Pariz Biarritz
  4. Pretty bag, can you post pics?
  5. It sounds gorgeous ... can't wait to see pics! I would love to see the GST in camel!
  6. I think it is a very nice bag and I like it a lot. My fav GST colour is white with the silver h/w. I need to have one but it not suit with me. Too big ! and I don't like the PST one.

    Congrats with you bag!
  7. keep your bag its a classic :smile: Is the gst heavy ?
  8. ditto to the above, keep it - it's a classic! Love the camel color, too - enjoy!
  9. i was looking for a beige gst for forever, KEEP it! it's a gorgeous bag for any occassion.
  10. i love the gst in camel. its definitely a keeper, imo. i have the gst in black with g/h and sometimes wish i bought the camel one instead..i wear black to work everyday and my gst just blends in but the's classy and the color is different but still a neutral! hope you figure out what you want!
  11. Congrats on your new purchase.
  12. I find camel kind of difficult to match my clothes/ I went for the black with gold h/w...
    this is nice...roomy as well... thght of getting the smaller version of it pst...wonder ...should i get the similar style?? procrastinating
  13. I've got the black, so I can't speak to the Camel issue. But, the bag itself is fantastic! The different compartments are easy to access, and help keep me organized. I skipped this bag for a long time...something about the look of it I just didn't care for. It is one of my favorites now, though.
  14. I would love to see some pix pls.
  15. Congrats!!!! Great choice!!!