Grand Shopping Tote

  1. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America received one black with gold and two beige with gold Grand Shopping Totes today. The best part is they came marked at pre-increase $1650! Snag these before they catch the mistake.
  2. Did they get in a white petite with silver?
  3. is there a 800#?

  4. nope, that would be pretty though
  5. The white PST & GST with silver should be available at Bergdorf's Chanel -- I saw those there this past week and don't think they sold-out that quickly.
  6. Thanks for the info foxycleopatra.
  7. ^^ they also had the bag at chanel in SF (in case you are from around here)
  8. ^^They have the white PST with silver hardware? I thought that was from last year's cruise line?