Grand Shopping Tote question!!!

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    Here's me w/ the one that I took back. For references, it's the Black Grand Shopping tote in caviar:

    Does a smaller version of the Grand Shopping Tote exist???
  2. Yeah it does but it does not have the leather to break up the chain around the shoulders. Its just pure chain. Its a lot smaller. Not quite sure what its called. I have one in black Caviar with gold hardware. That was my first Chanel purchase.
  3. I think it's called the Petite Shopper. If you look in the references section under "Other classic Chanels" (or something to that effect), a couple of people have posted pictures of theirs. :smile:
  4. Petit shopper. It might've changed recently but mine's has the leather on the middle of the chain.

    I can post pics if you want
  5. Yes, they're right, it's a petit Shopper, and Jen's right, it does have leather on the shoulders.
    Chanella must be thiking of a different bag.