Grand Shopping Tote or Petite Shopping tote ..........

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  1. in black. I have decided I want one. If I am going to give my husband a heart attack over buying a purse that costs as much as a mortgage payment, it may as well be the one I REALLY want!
    Any opinions as to which size is better? I carry a fair amount of my own stuff, plus usually a sippy cup and a juice box, maybe a diaper and wipes (I have a 22 month old).
    Anyone know where I can get one? And how much they are?
  2. you should get the gst! i love my gst...i have a black one with s/h..i think the pst is way too small imo...the gst has been increased to 1895 but i believe you can still get one for 1750 at nieman marcus..if you call around..someone should be able to find you one! hope this helps! i loveeeeeeeeeeee this bag
  3. GST is a good size. Maybe u can check it out in Reference Library...roughly abt US1895??? Not so sure in US..I've paid $3100 sgd ( abt US$2050)..but chanel cost more in my country than US...
  4. Gst!
  5. Sounds like you need a GST with what you intend to carry.

    I have a PST but I don't carry much, just a wallet, phone, and keys.
  6. You should get GST imo.
  7. i think the black with silver hardware would be great for you, since you have so many things to carry. they are 1895 now, but you might be able to find one for 1750. i saw the black and beige one with gold HW at Beverly Hills Saks and Rodeo Drive Chanel Boutique yesterday.
  8. If it's in Black, go for the GRAND!
  9. Gst
  10. If you have a lot to carry then the GST is the size to get, I have a PST and it is just big enough for my purse, phone, camera, comb and small makeup bag.
  11. does anyone know how much the GST costs in paris?
  12. GST all the way! it would be more practical for you, IMO.
  13. Although GST is too big for me so I didn't buy any GST and never think about PST. PST is never be my choice. GST looks so much better so I recommend GST !!
  14. I have both. It sounds like you need a GST, especially if you're carrying around a lot of your kid's stuff! Here's the thing though: it IS a heavy bag, especially when you load it up. But I don't think the PST will be large enough for you.
  15. Definitely the GST! Especially if you're going to be carrying lots of stuff. And I like the shape of the GST more than than the PST.