Grand Shopping Tote - GST - leather interior lining

  1. I have a lambskin GST and the interior lining is also lambskin. I noticed most of the caviar GST's I am seeing have a canvas lining. Did they switch at some point or is the lining on the lambskin version just different? I prefer leather linings on my bags personally.
  2. call me ignorant but i didn't know the gst came in anything but caviar. do you have pics? as for the lining, i don't know about the gst but i greatly prefer leather lining over canvas. i have passed on bags for that reason alone.
  3. I'll post it when I get home and check the year...because mine is few years older. I may have a post of it in the reference thread but probably did not post the interior pic

  4. I have a timeless tote in lambskin (w/ top zipper know the one in between the GST & PST) and also have leather interior, and I thought that all GST,PST and timeless tote that are made in Lambskin have leather interior.
  5. chanel%20paris%20ny%20expandable%20flap%20white%20031.jpg
  6. :heart::heart:^^ I adore that lambskin tote.:heart::heart:
  7. nice!
  8. Anyone know how much for the lambskin GST?
  9. I have collected 5 yes, five new GSTs which are all caviar and the lining is not leather. Personally for me I am glad the interior is not lambskin, as I purchased the totes in caviar to be more carefree. So, I enjoy not having the lambskin interior to worry about getting scratched up.

    However for someone buying the GST in lambskin it is a nice touch to have the lambskin interior.

    Since my GSTs were all purchased this year, I don't know if at anytime the caviar GSTs had a different lining....

    Maybe someone has an older caviar GST and can tell us?:confused1:
  10. Do they still sell lambskin GST's? That is a beautiful bag -- loooove brown lambskin.
  11. Miss Purrrfect - You seem to collect everything in multiple aka clutches among other things. hehehe... I'm guilty for buying the same thing over and over aswell.

  12. Oh, thank you- I am so glad I am not alone on this.:yahoo:

    Yes, guilty as charged again.:rolleyes:

    If I love something and know I will wear it - in various variations I can't help myself.

    That is what happen with the GSTs, I love to wear gold jewelry and white gold / silver / plat etc., but I don't like to I needed the various GST combinations....hehehehe.

    Oh yeah, the clutch is another one of my multiple guilty pleasures.:shame:

    You are my sister!!!:yahoo:
  13. ^lol you guys are too cute.
  14. i saw the black version on eBay a few months ago and noticed it had a leather interior too! I was under the impression it was calfskin though, not lambskin.
  15. Hi Blkladylaw,

    I believe your GST is calfskin. The inside is probably lambskin (Chanel seems to use lambskin linings on all of their interior leather bags) but the outside is calf. Kristie always listed her bags as lambskin, including the Cambon collection which was also calf. Chanel did that GST in calfskin last fall; I love the bag!