Grand Shopping Tote-does it slip off the shoulder? HELP!!

  1. The caviar Grand Shopping Tote that I ordered, has arrived at my Chanel store and I am starting to worry it won't be perfect.

    When I previously tried another caviar Grand Shopping Tote, it kept slipping off my shoulder. I only wear shoulder bags and none of the bags I currently own ever slip off my shoulder.

    Do you suppose it was because it was empty and therefore lightweight? Or does the leather at the top of the straps just never really grip the fabric on your clothing?

    It will come to over $2,000 here in Canada and I can't afford to make a costly mistake... since the Chanel Boutique only gives store credit and not credit refunded. This bag has to be perfect.

    Can those who own the The caviar Grand Shopping Tote tell me if it stays put on the shoulder, or does it slip off your shoulder?
  2. I wear mine tucked behind my arm/elbow. It is how I am most comfortable with my bigger bags. In this position, it does not slip. I live in a warmer climate and haven't worn it with a jacket yet, so I can not speak to that. I can tell you that I absolutely love it and have not regretted purchasing it for a second.
  3. Mine slipped as well and I returned it.
  4. hhhmmm...I carried mine today and I honestly don't recall it slipping. I will be interested to see if others are having that issue.
  5. I guess it depends on the size and shape of your shoulder. Mine could just not hold the Grand tote straps in place. I have no problems with my reissue.
  6. The straps slipped off my shoulders as well Rose. I really wanted to white with silver grand shopping tote, but at least one of the straps ALWAYS slipped off.
  7. I had mine returned as well for the same reason. I didn't find the bag to be "comfortable" specifically the straps/handles area.
  8. mine does not slip. I had a LV cabas piano and it slipped all the time, I hated it, and eventually sold it on ebay. I love my GST, and definately do not have that problem with it. I actually think the leather grippers help with that problem. The only time mine has fallen off my shoulder was if I was bending down in the grocery store to get something off a low shelf.
  9. I totally love it. I guess it depends on how you would carry it. I have tons of stuff in it and carry it all day long without a problem. I even go shopping with it. That's how much I love it.

    When you said, "When I previously tried another caviar Grand Shopping Tote, it kept slipping off my shoulder."<---What does this mean? Not the one that you are about to purchase or .....??

    I love the leather strap because that actually arches on my shoulder and sits nicely/comfortably in place.

    I would say go in and try it out cause yes it would be a costly mistake if it didn't fit you. We can only do so much to advise you but ultimately you are carrying the bag.
  10. I will be able to post an answer here tomorrow when my GST arrives. I have rounded, muscular shoulders and sometimes have a problem with one strap slipping off (not just w/my Chanel bags - Chloe too) but never both. I think small boned women with no "cap" on their shoulder (the middle part of the shoulder that becomes defined with weight training) might be more prone to slippage. I also tuck my bags behind me which helps.
  11. I didn't want to ask the SA to order a GST for me, if I wasn't at least 90% sure I would be purchasing it... so I tried the black one with silver HW that they had in the store. I want the black with gold hardware.

    I have a vintage bag with a similar chain strap and leather piece at the top of the strap, but it is lambskin and never slips. It is huge and very heavy and then I fill it with everything I own, so that could help.

    I'll have to go to the store and put a book and water bottle, etc, inside and walk around for a while.

    It just seemed a bit more slippery than most.

  12. Roey
    ---Hi long time no see *waves*

    What color are you getting? I love that bag
  13. I don't have the GST, but I have always had a problem with shoulder bags slipping off of my shoulder. My SA told me to take the outer strap and tuck it under the inner one so that the straps cross when they are on your shoulder. I did that with my Cambon bowling bag and it worked! I was SO happy!:yes: Now, I do that with all of my bags that have 2 straps. Hope that helps.
  14. i have the black with gold and the white with silver caviar grand shopping totes and LOVE THEM. they do slip a tad, but i wouldn't care if the straps punched me in my face...I LOVE THESE BAGS. LOVE. :yahoo: :wlae: :graucho:
  15. Hey, where have you been?!

    I'm getting the black caviar with silver hardware. I have never tried the bag on or even seen it IRL.