Grand Shopping Tote- Colors

  1. What are the colors the GST come in ?
    I know black, white, brown, navy..
    I have purses all those colors and I a looking for one- maybe in red. Did they make this in red..
    If all else fails I may have to get black.. I have to many black chanels now..
    I dont have one red purse and I need to add one to my collection
  2. I am not sure whether there is a red one in the GST. But I would say call my SA (PM me if you need this info) or if you have one to find out. I have only seen the Petitte Shopping Tote in Light Green, White, Red, Black, Brown and Navy Blue. :love:
  3. there's no red unfortunately, I've asked this just a week ago at chanel!
    It also comes in pink, silver and beige.
  4. oooh red would be SOOO nice.
  5. I love pink! I haven't seen this one in pink yet. Do you know if it has silver or gold hardware? Thanks!
  6. i have the black and the white..the silver one is hot too. i think that is next for me. i love the gst. my fave classic. :yahoo:
  7. What color hw does the beige have? And is it the same beige as the Reporter? I am always afraid of getting my beige Reporter dirty when I carry it which is why I opted for the black GST. But I adore beige bags!
  8. The pink would be fabulous!
  9. maybe i will hold out- for a minute
    maybe it will come out in red...
    but silver sounds nice..
    gotta check into that
  10. i have a beige medallion bag which is the same leather as the gst...caviar. and although the calf skin leather of the reporter is much more prone to dirt and scratches, the beige caviar can get dirty too... the raised pebbles of the caviar leather eventually get little dark spots. it's not really noticable to others, but i know it's there and it's kind of annoying. i will eventually get the bag serviced at chanel or sell on ebay. i LOVE the silver...i totally forgot about it until this thread was posted! i'm calling my SA tomorrow! hehe
  11. Thanks Tina! :biggrin:
  12. Does anyone have a pic of it in pink?

  13. The GST has beige on gold but the BEIGE is darker than the beige on the Multipocket Reporter in beige. I've compared those two side by side.:rolleyes:
  14. i've never seen the pink one...

    could anyone post the pink pls?:smile:
  15. dbt ur dogs r soo cuteeeee!!!moreover with their pink t'shirt:love: