Grand Shopping Tote - Caviar

  1. Anyone looking for the GST in beige caviar w/ gold hd please pm me for S/A info - he has more than one in stock. Price will increase tomorrow on these as well.
  2. Hi PennyD2911,

    SF Chanel boutique has one beige GST left when I called in for the black one this morning but not sure the HD. Number is: 415-981-1566. They will be closed at 5:00(PST) Hope this help. ;)

  3. what colors does the grand shopping tote 2008 come ???? please answer asap!
    Thank you!
  4. There's the classic black, beige, white

    New colors for this year: dark red and brown.
  5. GST is having a price increase? How much will it be now?
  6. lol- the thread is dated Jan.07;)
  7. Oh good, thanks for pointing that out. I'm planning on buying a GST soon so I was freaking out a bit when I read this.
  8. yeah, dont worry . no increase yet...:yes:
    the only increase will be on clutch wallet or any classic wallets. ( per Saks SA info).
  9. the white gst isnt seasonal, is it?

    like, it ll always be in stock like the black one right?

    do you guys know what the price is in france or uk?:heart:
  10. I think GST in UK is around Eur1500, maybe less :smile: The color may be seasonal but the style is always classic. That's more important I guess :smile:
  11. Hey everyone...I am looking to purchase a grand shopping tote soon. I recently went to the chanel store and saw they have two different type of black caviar leathers. ONe is the classic shiny and th one is more dull. Anyone know the name of the dull leather one? and is that new because it was the first time Ive seen it.
  12. ^ The duller one is called "washed caviar". It's softer than the regular shinier caviar. It just came out this year, I think.
  13. whats the differences between them?
  14. ^one looks like its washed out, softer dull (kind of like it being thrown in the washer feel and look)

    The reg caviar is stiff feeling and shiny looking